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What Conditions Do Chiropractors Treat?
Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that focuses primarily on conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Chiropractic care is used most commonly to treat neuromusculoskeletal complaints, including but not limited to back pain, neck pain, pain in the joints of the extremities, and headaches.

Is Chiropractic Treatment Effective?
The scientific evidence proving that chiropractic care is effective is overwhelming. Over the past thirty years, many controlled and independent research studies show that chiropractic care is safe and effective for treating low back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other conditions relating to the spine. In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics compared the efficacy of medication, acupuncture, and spinal manipulation in the long term treatment of chronic spine pain. The study showed that within 9 weeks of the initiation of treatment, chiropractic adjustments were 66% more effective in rendering patients asymptomatic than acupuncture (free of all pain and adverse symptoms) and 82% more effective than drugs. A one year follow up study was performed and showed that chiropractic adjustments resulted in 5x as many asymptomatic patients compared with drugs and accupunture combined. (R. Muller, Phd., L. Giles, DC, Phd., Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, Jan 2005, Vol. 28 No. 1)

How Long will it Take for Me to Get Better?
The length of time or total number of visits needed to correct the problem(s) is different for everybody as it is dependent on a number of different factors. Some of these factors include but are not limited to; age of patient, lifestyle of patient, how long the patient has had the problem(s), occupation, and cooperation of patient in keeping appointments and in following through with prescribed exercises/ stretches/ and lifestyle changes. It is not uncommon for many patients to get relief from pain and other symptoms in the first few treatments, however, correcting the root of the problem usually takes additional treatments after the symptoms have subsided. Some patients decide to stop care as soon as their symptoms subside due to the misconception that if they feel better they must be healed. Unfortunately, the resolution of pain and other symptoms are not a good indicator of health. Thus, terminating care before your doctor recommends often results in a relapse of pain and symptoms. Only after considering the patient history, physical exam and diagnostic findings can the doctor give you an accurate estimate on the lenth of time (number of office visits) that will be required to resolve the cause of the problem. Adhering to all aspects of your prescribed care plan will save you countless time, money, and suffering and will ensure that you recieve all the benefits that chiropractic has to offer. Here at Rae Chiropractic Center it is our goal to help you reach optimum health and wellness in a timely manner so that you can get back to your life and the activities that you love to do.

Is Chiropractic Care Appropriate for Children?
Absolutely, children can and do benefit from chiropractic care. In addition to the trauma that occurs during the birthing process, children are very physically active and experience falls and blows during regular daily activities and while participating in sports. Injuries from these kinds of traumas can result in symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, stiffness, and sore muscles. Chiropractic treatment is always adapted to the particular needs of each unique patient.

Does My Insurance Cover Chiropractic Treatment?
The majority of all insured American workers have coverage for chiropractic services in their health care plans. For example, the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management offers chiropractic coverage for federal employees in both the Mail Handlers and BCBS benefit plans. In addition, there is a chiropractic benefit in the Federal Workers’ Compensation, and chiropractic care is available to members of the armed forces at more than 40 military bases, and is available at nearly 30 veteran facilities. Call us today and we can check your particular insurance plan for you to see if you are covered.

What Type of Training and Education Do Chiropractors Have?
Chiropractors are educated as primary health care practitioners, with an emphasis on neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment. Educational requirements for doctors of chiropractic are among the most stringent of any of the health care professions. The typical applicant of chiropractic colleges already have a four year undergraduate education, including courses in biology, inorganic and organic chemistry, physics, psychology, human anatomy and physiology, and related lab work. Once accepted to a chiropractic college, the requirements become even more demanding- four to five academic years of professional study are the standard. Because of the hands on nature of the chiropractic profession, and the intricate adjusting techniques, a significant portion of time is spent in a clinical setting. In total, the chiropractic curriculum includes over 4,200 hours in classroom, laboratory, and clinical experience. The course of study is approved by an accrediting agency that is fully recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe?
Yes, chiropractic treatment is safe and effective. While there is a certain degree of inherent risk in health care treatment, chiropractic is quite safe when performed by a licensed practitioner. To assure competency, every state requires that chiropractors be board qualified, state licensed, and regulated according to a stringent criteria. Statistics show that patient risk is substantially lower for chiropractic care in comparison to traditional allopathic (medical) treatment because drugs and surgery are not used. Consider the numbers, the average annual cost of malpractice insurance for chiropractors is $600. The average annual cost to medical doctors (split between general practitioners and orthopedic surgeons) is roughly $15,000! This is because of the dangerous risk involved in prescribing drugs and in performing surgery.

How is a Chiropractic Adjustment Performed?
A chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is a manual procedure that utilizes the highly refined skills developed during the intensive years of chiropractic education. The chiropractor typically uses his or her hands to manipulate the joints of the body, particularly the spine, to reduce pain, and restore/ enhance joint function. Chiropractic manipulation is a highly controlled and specific procedure that rarely causes discomfort. The chiropractor adapts the procedure to meet the unique needs and requirements for each patient. Patients often note positive changes immediately following treatment.

What is the “Popping” or “Cracking” Sound When a Joint is Adjusted?
Manipulation of a joint may release a gas bubble from within the joint resulting in an audible “popping” sound- the same as when one cracks his or her knuckles. The noise is cause by the pressure change within the joint that results in gas bubbles being released. Many people falsely believe that this sound is the result of an actual bone being put back into place. The presence of an audible “pop” is not necessary for an adjustment to take place. Although a “pop” or “crack” is commonly heard when an adjustment is given, it has no bearing on whether or not the adjustment was effective.